Friends - [10x01] - The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss

"The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss" is the first episode of the tenth season of Friends, which aired on September 25, 2003.

Monica, Chandler and Phoebe find out that they can hear through the walls in their hotel rooms. Monica and Chandler cover the wall where they can hear Joey and Rachel kissing, and Phoebe covers the wall where Charlie and Ross are kissing. Both couples put their relationships on hold while they wait to talk to the other before proceeding. On the plane home, Ross tells Joey about him and Charlie, but Joey doesn't tell Ross about him and Rachel in the effect that it might upset him. Monica decides to get rid of her poofy hair by getting corn rows. Back in New York, Rachel tries to tell Ross, but he becomes mad over shampoo-explosion-related emergencies. Rachel and Joey decide to tell him together the next morning. But when an attempt to kiss each other goodnight turns into a make-out session between them, Ross walks in on them.