Friends - [10x02] - The One Where Ross Is Fine

"The One Where Ross Is Fine" is the second episode of the tenth season of Friends, which aired on October 2, 2003.

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Ross deals with finding out about Rachel and Joey'srelationship almost as well as when he found out aboutMonica and Chandler - that is, not well at all - but out of loyalty and embarrassment, maintains that he is 'fine'. The only problem is that everyone can see through his ruse: the word 'fine' keeps coming out all high-pitched and squeaky.

In an attempt to prove that he is completely 'fine' with the new relationship, Ross invites Rachel and Joey to a dinner party with him and Charlie. Before dinner, however, Ross is obviously tense and anxious, almost on the verge of tears. When Joey suggests a drink to calm Ross' nerves, the latter quickly goes overboard, becoming so drunk that he forgets to use oven mitts to carry a steaming dish of fajitas to the table – not even noticing the pain in his hands until Rachel points out his mistake. After a while of this drunken inappropriateness, Rachel and Charlie go home, leaving Joey in charge of Ross. In the morning, the two men talk, and Ross decides he will get used to Joey and Rachel being together.

Meanwhile, Frank Jr., Phoebe's half-brother, comes into town with his kids to visit the Friends. He is completely wrung out and exhausted, claiming that he "hasn't slept in four year", and the triplets are running around making complete troublemakers of themselves in the coffeehouse. He wants Phoebe to take one of them to live with her so that he can manage the other two, but upon closer inspection of which one, he realizes that he loves them all to much to let any of them go.

During this family reunion, Monica and Chandler away from the others meeting Phoebe's friends Bill andColleen to learn about the particulars of adoption: they adopted their son Owen at birth and know a lot about the process. All goes well, to the point that Monica and Chandler are gaining a lot of knowledge – until Chandler runs into Owen on the way to the bathroom, mentioning Bob and Colleen's help in explaining "how they adopted you", only to find that Owen knew nothing about his adoption. Panicking, Chandler tells Monica what he's done and the two attempt to make a hasty exit – but don't manage to get out before Owen tells his parents about Chandler's 'big reveal'. The boy is completely distraught, but seems even more upset after, in the middle of a rant at Bob and Colleen, Chandler suggests that Santa isn't real. And then, to top it all off, back at the coffeehouse, Chandler manages to tell the triplets Phoebe gave birth to them. Oops…