Friends - [10x08] - The One With The Late Thanksgiving

"The One With The Late Thanksgiving" is the eighth episode of tenth season of Friends, which aired on November 20, 2003. It is the last Thanksgiving episode of the series.

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Monica and Chandler tell the group that they do not want to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, but when Phoebe claims that the previous year's Thanksgiving hadn't been all that good, and suggests that Monica could compete with herself to make this year's dinner even better, Monica can't resist the challenge and agrees to make Thanksgiving dinner for the group. Chandler sees Monica making the whole dinner and wants to help, but he doesn't want to make anything too high-profile, so Monica has him make the cranberry sauce. Phoebe wants to enter Emma in a Tri-State baby beauty contest; Rachel is initially against the idea, but changes her mind quickly when she hears that first prize is $1,000. Ross got three prime tickets for the New York Rangers, but Chandler told them not to go as they would be late for Monica's dinner. Ross and Joey agreed that they wouldn't go, but went to the game anyway. Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, and Joey all come back an hour late for dinner. Monica and Chandler are so mad they lock everybody out. The four peek their heads in through the chain on the door, but Joey's head gets stuck. Monica answers a phone call while Chandler pulls on the door to free Joey, who crashes into the Thanksgiving dinner, making a giant mess. Chandler expects Monica to be furious over the mess, but Monica doesn't care because the phone call she just answered was from the adoption agency and she just found out that she and Chandler are going to get a baby.