Friends - [10x12] - The One With Phoebe's Wedding

"The One With Phoebe's Wedding" is the twelfth episode of the tenth season of Friends, which aired on February 12, 2004

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Monica is driving Phoebe insane while planning Phoebe's wedding, barking orders military style, complete with headset. At the rehearsal dinner, Phoebe gets really upset with Monica for rushing her and making sure everything is spotlessly perfect even if no one likes it, and fires her. The next day, Phoebe is going through a lot of stress doing Monica's job, having ice sculptures turning up and not knowing the technical name for orchids. She also has a problem finding somebody to walk her down the aisle - her stepdad was going to get day release from prison to do it, but he ends up stabbing another inmate in the exercise yard and has to miss the ceremony. Phoebe asks Joey if he will take her stepdad's place, and he accepts. 

Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross find out that they are not included in the wedding and complain to Phoebe, who tells them they were next in line. When one of Mike's groomsmen can't make it, Mike lets Phoebe decide who gets to be in the wedding, who can't decide between them and passes the job to Rachel as a 'Bridesmaid job'. After both plead with Rachel, Mike decides it would be fun to have his dog, Chappy, as the missing groomsman. There is a giant blizzard, and the minister gets cut off in the snow, so they decide to do the service in the street outside Central Perk. Joey is the new minister, because he is still ordained from Monica and Chandler's wedding. "Why would I give up free rides on the bus?" he explains. Phoebe gives Monica her job back, wanting her to be "crazy bitch lady" again. When Mike's parents arrive, Mike tells his mom that he knows she doesn't like the idea of getting married in the snow but she interrupts him and says she likes all the lights and the colors. Mike's dad tells him he put pills in her drink so she would accept the wedding. With the snow, Chappy can't walk on his own, so Ross and Chandler both volunteer to hold him. Ross gets it because Chandler hates dogs, but Ross soon regrets it when the dog smells. Chandler then substitutes for Phoebe's stepdad and walks her down the aisle. Phoebe refuses to wear a coat even though it is freezing and snowing. The ceremony proceeds with Phoebe and Mike each saying their vows. Joey cuts the ceremony short because Ross says Chappy's heart rate was slowing way down. The last scene is Ross taking Chappy out to go to the bathroom, which takes forever.