Friends - [10x16] - The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

"The One With Rachel's Going Away Party" is the sixteenth episode of the tenth season of Friends, which aired on April 29, 2004.

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As Rachel prepares to move to Paris, Monica and Chandler are preparing to move to their new home, and are packing stuff away. Chandler, Joey and Ross are having fun with bubble-wrap in Monica's guest room. They find a set of black handcuffs which he thinks belong to Monica. They turn out to be her grandmother's.
However, they find the time to throw a going-away party for Rachel, who privately talks to her friends during the party. Each and every speech ends in a very touching moment for Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey (who attempts to commit suicide but is stopped by Rachel). Rachel then takes off, leaving Ross without a goodbye speech. He is so upset about this that he forgets his pride and confronts her at Joey's apartment. He then storms off to his place. Not long after, Erica comes over to the apartment, where she has contraction pains. Monica and Chandler take her to the hospital for the birth of their child.
At Ross' apartment, Rachel comes storming in, slamming the door. She explains to him that the reason she didn't give him a goodbye is not because he means less to her but because he means more, and that it makes her so angry that Ross has learned nothing about her after ten years that she decides to give him a goodbye - one in which she yells angrily at him. Ross grabs her and kisses her. Ross and Rachel suddenly pull away to ponder the situation, and then continue to make out.