Friends - [10x17-18] - The Last One

"The Last One" is the two-part series finale of Friends, which aired on May 6, 2004. It serves as the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of season ten; Part One and Part Two ran as one episode. 52.5 million viewers tuned in for the finale when it was originally broadcast. It was written by series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and directed by executive producer Kevin S. Bright.

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As Chandler and Monica continue packing their apartment to move to the suburbs, Erica goes into labor three weeks early, and they take her to the hospital. Chandler has a hard time getting along with Erica when left alone in the delivery room with her, and makes several awkward jokes. Monica and Chandler watch their child, a boy, being born. Just as they're thanking Erica, the obstetrician warns them not to get too relaxed, as a second baby is on it's way shortly. Although shocked that Erica is having twins, Monica and Chandler quickly decide that they will adopt both babies. They name the boy Jack (after Monica's father) and the girl Erica (after her birth mother).
Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel sleep together at his place, leading Ross to realize that he wants to get back together. But when Ross comes to visit her in the morning, Rachel says that this was "the perfect way to say goodbye" and continues preparing for her flight to Paris. After talking with Joey and Phoebe at Central Perk, Ross decides to tell Rachel about his feelings before she leaves. But just as Ross approaches Rachel, he is interrupted by Gunther, who professes his love to her. She rejects him as sweetly as possible, but Ross, having seen Rachel rejecting Gunther, decides not to reveal his true feelings for Rachel.
When Monica and Chandler come home with the twins, Mike and Phoebe decide that they too want to start having children. After meeting the twins briefly, Rachel says a tearful goodbye to Ross and gets in a taxi to the airport.
Phoebe and Ross chase Rachel in Phoebe's taxi to catch her at the airport before she takes off, but they end up at the wrong airport.
As a house-warming gift, Joey buys Chandler and Monica a new chick and duck, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. Monica finishes packing.
The cast take their final bows.
After calling Monica to verify their information, Ross and Phoebe race to the right airport. Afraid they are not going to make it in time to catch Rachel (who is actually on the plane), Phoebe calls Rachel, telling her there's something wrong with the plane's "left phalange". The guy sitting next to Rachel freaks out and alarms the rest of the passengers, making everyone get off. This diversion is perfect for Ross, who catches Rachel just before she takes off again (also thanks to Phoebe's screaming, which makes Rachel turn around at the gates). Ross confesses his love for Rachel and says he wants to be with her, but it's too much for Rachel to take at the moment and she leaves him without a reply.
Meanwhile, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr are stuck inside the foosball table, which Joey and Chandler don't want to break. Breaking it apart is a piece of cake for Monica, and she busts the table open. Joey and Chandler try to hide the awkward moment they have together as best friends, but they can't hold it and hug.
Ross doesn't meet the others at Monica's apartment because he is too sad about how he left things with Rachel. He goes home and checks his messages, and finds a message from Rachel. She admits repeatedly she loves him too, and by saying it over and over she realizes she wants to get off the plane. The message is cut in the middle of an argument between Rachel and an air-stewardess. Ross tries to hear the rest of the message, asking himself "Did she get off the plane?". The door opens and he hears "I got off the plane."  He turns and finds Rachel at the door. They kiss, and both state how this is going to be "it", and Ross rectifies with "Unless we're on a break"; despite this, they get back together.
At Monica and Chandler's apartment, which is completely empty now, the guys cherish their last moments together. It's too much for the friends to handle, and they all look tearful. Monica and Chandler have some time before they go to their new house, and the friends decide to go for a last cup of coffee. Chandler tries to break off the tension by asking "Where?" this being the last line of the show. They walk out of Monica's apartment. The camera slowly pans over the empty apartment, showing the friends' six keys on the counter, and then ends on the door.