Friends - [2x17] - The One Where Eddie Moves In

"The One Where Eddie Moves In" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Friends, which aired onNBC on February 22, 1996.

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Everyone is at Joey's new apartment except for Chandler, who apparently is still taking the moving-out hard. He and Joey have a good telephone conversation over the phone that same night, and the oven timer at Chandler's rings off, signaling the start of Baywatch, which the two watch and comment upon over the phone. Joey, however, finds living alone solitary and slightly depressing, and talks to Monica and Phoebe how he might want to move back with Chandler. Ross and Rachel, on the other hand, convince Chandler that there's no way Joey wants to move back in.
Phoebe is discovered by a record producer, who wants to make a music video with Smelly Cat. Phoebe promptly agrees to this, and records the song and the video. When she sees the ends result, everyone is surprised to hear another woman singing in Phoebe's place (Phoebe still appears in the video). Phoebe, however, thinks it's herself. Eventually she discovers that the agreement she signed upon gives her consent to overdub her voice with another's, and Phoebe ends up feeling badly for the singer (who is less attractive than her), comparing her with "Smelly Cat".
Monica is deeply annoyed by Ross, who is spending so much time at her apartment that she feels like they're kids all over again.
When Joey visits Chandler to talk about their living situation, he meets Eddie, Chandler's new roommate. Eddie seems to click pretty well with Chandler, convincing him to move the mail around and to prefer eggs "à la Eddie" to eggs "à la Joey". When Joey confronts Chandler about this, Chandler tries to show some closure, and that by moving out, Joey couldn't expect Chandler not to find "new eggs". Time gives an answer to Chandler, however, as Eddie lacks the features which made he and Joey great friends, as Eddie likes neither foosball nor Baywatch. Chandler and Joey stare in the rain - and in Joey's case, in the electric raindrop glass - the two clearly miss living together.

The One Where Eddie Moves In [2.17]

[Phoebe got a call from a producer.]
Phoebe: You are not gonna believe this: I have just been discovered!
Chandler: Now, wait a minute. I claimed you in the name of France four years ago!

[Joey stops over at Chandler and Eddie's during breakfast to pick up his mail.]
Joey: All right, that's it! He just comes in here, "Johnny New Eggs," with his moving the mail and his "See ya, pals!"[imitates Eddie's salute] And now there's no juice. There's no juice for the people who want the juice and need the juice.I need the juice!