Friends - [2x23] - The One with the Chicken Pox

"The One With The Chicken Pox" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Friends, which aired onNBC on May 9, 1996.

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Ryan, a guy in the navy who used to date Phoebe, is coming to the city for two whole weeks. Ben has chicken pox and everybody except Phoebe has had them and unfortunately Phoebe gets it. Ryan also hasn't had them, but he wouldn't let the pox stand between them, resulting in both having the chicken pox and the itching driving them crazy. Ryan leaves after two not-so-romantic weeks and is never seen again.
Joey needs some money, so Chandler organizes a job as a data processor at his work for Joey. Joey, not knowing how to process data, decides to act as a processor, named Joseph. His character has two kids and a wife, Karen. Unfortunately for him, Chandler hates Joseph, because he gets along with other employees int he workplace by blaming Chandler for all his faults. They agree that Joseph has to go, after Chandler acted that he cheated with Karen.
Monica is upset that Richard doesn't have one little thing that he is obsessive about, but in the end he discovers that he has one obsessive thing (he has to sleep in the left side of the bed). Ross ends up wearing a Navy uniform to spice things up with Rachel, who kills the moment.

The One with the Chicken Pox [2.23]

[Phoebe arrives to tell the gang about her submariner boyfriend.]
Phoebe: He resurfaces like every couple years and we have the most amazing three days together.
Rachel: So, wait — this guy goes down for, like, two years at a time?
[Chandler, mouth full, groans in frustration.]
Monica: That'll teach you to lick my muffin.
[Chandler, mouth full, groans in frustration again.]

[Phoebe has chicken pox and is being forced to wear oven mitts so as not to scratch]
Ross: Oh, look, look, a low budget puppet show!
Phoebe: [laughs sarcastically] It's such a shame you can't see what finger I'm holding up.