The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding

"The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding" is thesecond season finale of Friends, which aired on NBCon May 16, 1996.

Rachel reluctantly agrees to be maid of honor at her ex-fiancé Barry's wedding, but steals the couple's thunder when she walks up the aisle with her butt showing. She is even angrier to find out that when she dumped Barry at the altar, his parents told everyone that she ran away because she was insane and that she had syphilis. Ross tries fixing this at the reception but fails. Rachel is about to leave, but doesn't when she learns that Barry was betting on her to leave before 9:45. She tells Barry that she promised herself she'd make it through at least one of his weddings.
Joey auditions for Warren Beatty's new movie, and is told that he's a good actor but is bad at kissing. As Joey's role involved kissing another guy, he seeks help from Chandler and Ross, who refuse to help. Eventually, Ross, out of guilt, sucks it up and kisses Joey, who reveals that the audition is over and he didn't get the part.
Chandler is excited about a mystery girl he has been chatting with on the Internet until he learns that she's married. Phoebe convinces him to go meet her in spite of this, so he asks the girl to meet him at the coffeehouse. Everyone, including himself, is shocked that the mystery girl is Janice. She and Chandler kiss.
Monica asks Richard about their future plans. Richard sees them in Paris, a happy couple without kids. Monica, however, is keen on having children of her own, but doesn't pursue the subject as she fears it would become uncomfortable. At Barry and Mindy's wedding, she and Richard tackle the subject again; however, neither of them has shifted position from before. While dancing, Richard offers to have kids with Monica if he has to. This, unfortunately, is not good enough for Monica, as she wants to have a baby with someone who genuinely wants to have children. The two break up.