Friends - [3x01] - The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy

"The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy" is thethird season premiere. It aired on NBC on September 19, 1996. It was written by Michael Curtis & Gregory S. Malins and directed by Gail Mancuso.

Ross's secret fantasy doesn't stay secret for long after he confides in Rachel. Chandler begins to rekindle his relationship with ex-girlfriend Janice.

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Joey tries convincing the group to get rid of Janice again.
The episode begins with the group walking intoCentral Perk and discovering that their couch is already occupied. They stand at the doorway for a moment, before slowly walking back out the door.
Monica is still crushed by her break-up with Richard and hasn't slept in days. Ross even picks her up from The Szechuan Dragon when she believes she works there. When her father Jack drops by to talk to her, he reveals to her that Richard is also a mess - much more than he was after his marriage - which is good enough for Monica to start getting some closure with him. She finally falls asleep.
Joey cannot stand that Chandler is dating Janice again. He tries to talk to the group about how to get rid of her, but they seem to have accepted her into the group. Chandler finds out that Joey has a problem with Janice and tells her. Janice talks to Joey and drags him with her and hangs out with him for a whole day. Although Joey pretends to have had fun, he still can't stand the woman, but Chandler appreciates his gesture and his efforts to like her.
Ross can't help but see Judy as Princess Leia.
Rachel asks Ross what his secret fantasy is. He recounts the Return Of The Jediscene where Princess Leia is shown as Jabba's prisoner wearing her notorious gold bikini. She tells Phoebe about it, and Phoebe makes a joke in front of Ross while holding two buns to the side of her head to look like Leia. Although at first appalled that Rachel shared his private fantasies with her friends, Ross tries to do the same with Chandler, but Chandler scares him off when he tells him how he imagines his mother when he's having sex with a girl (something which Joey does too, albeit with Chandler's mom in his head and not his own mother).
Ross is about to fulfill his fantasy with a Rachel dressed exactly like Princess Leia, but Chandler's scary sexual fantasy kicks in and he start seeing his mother Judy in the Leia outfit. As Ross states about Chandler, "that bastard ruined my [his] life".

The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy [3.01]

Rachel: No way! The most romantic song ever was The Way We Were.
Phoebe: Uh, see, I... I think the one that Elton John wrote for, um, that guy on "Who's the Boss?"
Rachel: What song was that, Pheebs?

Phoebe: Um, Hold Me Close, Young Tony Danza.

[Joey can't believe Chandler is dating Janice again.]
Joey: Look, what do you want me to say?
Chandler: I want you to say that you like her!
Joey: I can't. It's like this chemical thing, you know. Every time she starts laughing, I just wanna... pull my arm off just so that I can have something to throw at her.
Chandler: Thanks for trying. Oh, and by the way, there is no "Count Rushmore"!
Joey: Oh, yeah? Then who's the guy that painted the faces on the mountain?