Friends - [3x05] - The One with Frank Jr

The One With Frank Jr. is the fifth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on NBC on October 17, 1996. Phoebe invites her half-brother Frank Jr. to visit.Ross makes a list of famous women he'd like to date.

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Phoebe is excited that her newfound half-brother is coming to visit, hoping to bond with him. Turns out they don't have a lot in common. Frank melts random things with his lighter, makes up his own karate, and Phoebe is finding it difficult to establish a connection. She gets called in to work at the massage place and asks Frank if he wants to come along. He misunderstands what she does and interprets "massage parlor" as a place to get a hooker. Phoebe is upset that the weekend is ruined, but in the end Frank makes her feel like they've bonded a bit.
Joey attempts to build an entertainment center, and tile a floor.
The gang discusses which five celebrities they would put on their "list" of people they're allowed to sleep with and their significant other can't get mad. Ross bumps Isabella Rosselini off the list because she is out of the country all the time, while Winona Ryder is more local. He ends up running into Isabella at the coffee house. Rachel lets him hit on her anyway which ends in comical rejection.

The One with Frank Jr. [3.05]

[Chandler enters the apartment to find Joey working with wood and the apartment filled with lumber.]
Chandler: Hey.
Joey: Hey.
Chandler: Hey, hey, hey... so what happened — did a forest tick you off?
Joey: You know how you're always saying we need a place for the mail?
Chandler: Yeah?
Joey: Well, I decided to take it to the next step.
Chandler: You're building a post office?

[Phoebe and Frank talk about their plans for the day]
Frank Jr.: My friend Larry wants me to take a picture of a hooker.
Chandler: No, we really don't take advantage of living in the city!

[While Chandler naps against the wall in his room, Joey is drilling though the wall. As he drills, the drill bit comes though the wall right next to Chandler, who slams the door at Joey.]
Joey: Oh! Uh, sorry, did I get ya?

[Frank Jr. is doing his own style of martial arts on Monica's balcony, she and Phoebe are watching]
Monica: What kind of martial arts is that?
Phoebe: No kind.

[Ross has just finished explaining the "freebie list" (list of 5 celebrities a sexual partner can sleep with without conviction from the other) to Isabella Rosselini and she laughs in shock]
Isabella: You know, it's funny. Yesterday, I made a list of 5 goofy coffeehouse guys and I just bumped you for... that guy over there. [Ross looks away and Isabella gets away from him]