Friends - [3x08] - The One with the Giant Poking Device

"The One With The Giant Poking Device" is the eighth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on November 14, 1996.

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Still in shock by what he saw in the previous episode, Joey and Monica reveal to the group that he just witnessed Janice kissing her ex-husband. Joey tries not to tell Chandler about it, but when he sees him considering buying pearls for Janice's birthday, he can't hold it any longer. Chandler confronts Janice, who admits to having kissed her ex-husband at least twice. She also claims to be in love with both men, but can't bring herself to choose one. After talking to Joey, Chandler tells Janice he doesn't want to be the reason for splitting up a family. He soon changes his mind; nonetheless, she leaves to be with her ex-husband.
Ross leaves Ben with Monica and Rachel. Monica plays airplane with Ben, but she bumps his head. They attempt to cover the lump with a teddy bears hat. When Rachel finds out that he's not angry at her for this, she reveals how it was Monica who bumped his head and not her. Ross tries to make Monica feel guilty, but ends up bumping his own head.
Phoebe is reluctant to go to the dentist as she thinks it's a fatal mistake - to others, because every time she visits, someone dies. Her tooth is in too much pain for her to bear it anymore, so she goes to the dentist. When she comes back, she starts to call everyone she knows to check if they're still alive. When Joey points out how Ugly Naked Guy is unusually still, she thinks the curse killed him. After Joey constructs a giant poking device with chopsticks, the guys poke all the way from Monica's apartment to Ugly Naked Guy's. Phoebe is overjoyed to see that he's still alive.