Friends - [3x09] - The One with the Football 

"The One With The Football" is the ninth episode of the third season of Friends. It aired on November 21, 1996, serving as the Thanksgiving episode of the year. It was written by Ira Ungerlinger and directed by Kevin S. Bright.

Player 2

It is Thanksgiving and after watching a football match, they decide to play football. Monica and Ross tell the others that they are not allowed to play as Monica broke his nose in the sixth Geller Cup on a Thanksgiving long ago. However, they decide to play anyway. Monica picks Joey and Phoebe, Ross picks Chandler and Rachel, who is upset about being last picked.
As they play, Joey and Chandler meet a Dutch girl , Margha. They both try to impress her, and finally she picks Chandler (when Ross makes her choose). When he does a victory dance, she changes her mind and picks neither of them. They don't let Rachel play because she's really bad, but she gets so bored that she wanders off for a snack.
Rachel is traded with Joey. The girls try to beat the men, making Phoebe show off her breasts to Chandler. During the last 30 seconds, Monica has no choice but to throw to Rachel, who scores. However, Ross and Monica argue about whether the touchdown was before or after the line, when Phoebe points out that they're still playing. The rest of the gang has Thanksgiving dinner, while Ross and Monica continue to fight over the ball.