Friends - [3x12] - The One With All The Jealousy

"The One With All The Jealousy" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on January 16, 1997.

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Rachel loves her new job at Bloomingdale's, as she's working in the fashion field like she always wanted to. But Ross is less than happy, mostly because her new colleague, Mark, is tall and handsome and he fears that he wants to take Rachel away from him. Out of jealousy, he covers Rachel's entire desk with love cards, flowers and musical bugs; he even sends a barbershop quartet to her workplace to sing her a song. Ross drops in to the office, and sees Mark embracing his girlfriend, and thinks it's Rachel.
Joey is about to get a part in the musical A Tale Of Two Cities, but the lie on his resume stating that he has a lot of experience in dance threatens to put the whole thing off. When Chandler and Phoebe see him perform an embarassing dance, Chandler advises Joey not to go any further with the audition. Joey still attends the dance audition, but things get way out of hand when his director wants him to instruct a complex dance sequence to the other dancers. The result is a dozen actors dancing Joey-style.
Chandler plans a bachelor party for his "weird" cousin Albert, and hires a stripper. Meanwhile, at the Moondance diner, Monica forms a relationship with fellow worker Julio, who happens to be a poet. Monica finds him incredibly sexy and kisses him. When she tells the guys about him and brings a poem he wrote when he was with her, Phoebe reads between the lines and notices that Julio is calling Monica "an empty vase". Monica lashes out at him when she learns this from Phoebe, but Julio explains that her interpretation is wrong. Just as she's about to apologize to him, he tells her that The Empty Vase is about all women - "well, all American women". Out of anger, Monica sends Ross' barbershop quartet to Julio to ridicule him in front of everyone as he's hitting on another fellow worker.

Ross and Rachel discuss his jealousy, and she reassures him that she loves him, and wants to be with him. But it only takes one play date with Ross, Ben and the stripper from last night, together with her son, to make Rachel realize that in spite of her pride, she is also jealous.