Friends - [3x13] - The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends

"The One Where Monica And Richard Are Friends" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on January 30, 1997.

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What Monica doesn't expect to find at the video store is ex-boyfriend Richard. The two have a pleasant conversation and then go grab a bite. He then asks her to help him cook a lasagna, which she does. The two know that there is sexual tension between them, but don't act upon it - until Richard starts calling Monica on her phone from behind her apartment door. The two re-unite - casually, it seems - but Monica starts taking a liking to Richard as a boyfriend again.

Joey agrees to read Rachel's "classic" Little Womenwhile Rachel agrees to read Joey's more modern The Shining, which he finds scary enough to keep it in the freezer when he's reading it. Joey finds Little Women a great read, but out of excitement about The Shining, spoils the end of Rachel's book when he reveals the ending to it. Rachel gets her revenge by spoiling Joey's book's ending (albeit a very different ending as written). Joey eventually finishes Rachel's book, and is about to burst into tears, when Rachel suggests to put the book in the freezer.

Ross and Chandler meet Phoebe's new date, Robert, who seems to be pretty nice except for one thing - he keeps "coming out of his shorts". Chandler points this out to Ross, then to Joey. The three of them point it out to Phoebe, who's shocked by it. Rachel happens to get a glimpse of it as well. No one knows how to solve this problem, but Gunther does it for them when he prompts Robert to "put the mouse back in the house".

Although she doesn't want him to cancel on his blind date, Monica sets herself up in Richard's apartment like she did last time - waiting for him on a bed of roses with a rose bud between her teeth. When he shows up with the blind date he was supposed to be with on a different night, she panics. He sees her before letting his blind date in and finds a way of getting rid of his new girl. When he talks about things to Monica, she realizes that she's not fine with the fling thing, and proposes to Richard to get together again. He reminds her that by getting back together, they would be where they were before they break up, so the two agree for their own sake not to keep seeing each other anymore, not without sleeping together for one last time.