Friends - [3x15] - The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

"The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on February 13, 1997. It marks the start of the 'We were on a break' era that carries on for a long time afterwards.

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When Chloe, "the hot girl from the Xerox place", asks Joey and Chandler what they're doing that night, they think she's offering a threesome, but she just invites them to a club.

Phoebe is going out with Sergei, a diplomat from a foreign country, who can't string two words in English together. Although Phoebe doesn't mind this, she's a little annoyed by Mischa, his translator, who follows them on dates and keeps interrupting with out-of-place translations. Phoebe invites Monica to date the translator, and Monica accepts. However, Mischa and Monica hit it off and spend the whole date talking, leaving Sergei and Phoebe unable to communicate. After getting into an argument with Sergei, Mischa resigns his post and leaves the restaurant, taking Monica with him. Phoebe and Sergei remain alone at the restaurant, with nothing to say to each other.

Ross is at Monica's, waiting for Rachel to come from work and celebrate their anniversary. However, when he calls her at work, Rachel tells him that it's unlikely that she will make it for the night. Ross decides to go to Rachel's workplace with a picnic basket. Rachel doesn't have the time nor the mind to hang out with Ross, but he continues to get in her way until she tells him to leave. Later that night, she returns home expecting an apology from Ross.They argue, and when Ross brings up Mark's name, Rachel is exasperated and can't handle it anymore, stating that what they need is to "take a break ... a break from us". Ross leaves without another word.

Rachel waits by the phone for Ross to call, but when the phone rings, it's Mark. When he hears Rachel's sad tone, he offers to come over. Meanwhile, at the pub, Joey and Chandler are bored to death with Chloe's talk about copying machines, when Ross enters. Chloe knows him well, since he visits her shop often with stuff for her to copy. He tells Joey and Chandler that he and Rachel are breaking up, and they tell him to call her. When he does, he hears Marks voice in the background, assumes the worst, and hangs up.

Rachel tries calling Ross again, but he's not home. At the bar, Chloe tries to cheer him up by drinking with him. When Ross' favorite song, U2's With Or Without You, comes up, she drags him to the dance-floor. He starts finding solace in Chloe and doesn't object when she makes a move on him. A few seconds later, they start kissing...