Friends - [3x21] - The One with the Chick and the Duck

"The One With A Chick And A Duck" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on April 17, 1997.

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After watching the news, Joey decides to adopt a baby chick for Chandler. Chandler is not too crazy about the chick until he spends an entire day taking care of it. He then lashes out with Joey, much like a married couple does, about how he's not spending enough time with the chick and that its arrival is only the cause of a lot of fighting between the two. Chandler resolves to take the chick back, but not only fails to return it (because he finds out that they would kill her if nobody else is willing to adopt here), but comes home with a duck. The two now have to care about a chick and a duck, becoming a running gag on the show. Joey and Chandler also becomes fashion models to as the new Ant and Dec

At the Moondance diner, Monica has to start working on roller blades, so she practices with Phoebe and Rachel outside the coffeehouse. Monica slips and falls on Rachel, who hurts her ribs. Pete, returning from Japan, brings Monica some hotel toiletries and some huge news for her - he wants her to be the head-chef at his new restaurant. Monica literally falls off at the news, slipping off her roller blades. Monica, however, is reluctant to work at his restaurant because she fears he's doing this out of love for her, but he blows her off by telling her he met someone else. Phoebe hears the whole conversation between Monica and Pete, and deducts that Pete made up the woman because he's still in love with Monica. Pete makes her promise not to tell Monica, which promise she keeps. After inspecting the kitchens, Monica accepts the job. Pete, however, gets a whiff from her head. Monica works out that he still loves her (which he soon reveals to her) and rejects the job. Pete doesn't let her go without a kiss. However, Monica soon discovers that that kiss is all it takes to start looking at Pete in a totally different light, and she starts making out with him.

Ross obtains a part in a panel for the Discovery Channel, and he's really excited about it. He keeps asking the guys for advice on what he should wear, with mixed criticism. When he sees Rachel in pain due to the fall from Monica, he helps her get ready for the dinner she has with her work colleagues. When it turns out that Rachel is in too much pain to go anywhere, he takes her to the hospital, canceling his appearance on the Discovery Channel in the process. He doesn't tell Rachel of this until after their hospital visit, but when he does, Rachel tells him that it's the sweetest thing he's done. Ross tells her to get some sleep.