Friends - [4x04] - The One with the Ballroom Dancing

"The One With The Ballroom Dancing" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Friends, which aired on October 16, 1997.

Player 2

Mr. Treeger makes Rachel cry after she stuffs the trash chute, because he is upset about people clogging it so frequently. After Joey confronts Treeger, he decides to throw out Monica and Rachel on the basis that Monica has been illegally subletting the apartment. Monica and Rachel force Joey to go suck up to Treeger so he doesn't kick them out. In turn for that favour, Joey helps Treeger practice dancing for the superintendents' ball, "The Super Ball". However, Joey begins to enjoy the ballroom dancing, leading to mockery from the girls.

Chandler is a member at the gym even though he doesn't go, but he can't quit because the dreamy spandex girl always changes his mind. Ross goes to the gym with Chandler to give him courage to quit. But when Maria appears, even Ross can't say no to a membership. Ross and Chandler eventually have a great idea to solve their problem: they decide to close their accounts at the bank so the gym can't charge them. At the bank, Chandler and Ross have no luck when the bank officer brings out a beautiful employee when they tell them they want to leave the bank.

Phoebe has a crush on her client Rick but she would get fired for fooling around with him. Phoebe finally confesses to Rick that she likes him and they make out. Phoebe finds out that Rick is married and also gets fired because her boss caught them kissing and branded her "a whore".