Friends - [4x15] - The One with All the Rugby

"The One With All The Rugby" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of Friends, which aired on February 26, 1998.

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Rachel drags Chandler with her to the nail studio, where they bump into Janice, who has divorced her husband. Her feelings for Chandler rush back in, whilst Chandler can't stand the woman. Unfortunately for him, however, she has absolutely no intention of leaving him, so he has to resort to the very far-fetched excuse of international work travel to be able to get rid of her. Even more unluckily for him, the first place he can think of is Yemen. Janice's determination not to waste any of her time with him is such that she accompanies him to the airport with his luggage; he tries to obtain a fake ticket but ends up buying a genuine, expensive one. When Janice exclaims that she won't leave until she sees him take off, he actually boards the plane.

Ross, who is dating Emily, runs into friends of hers in the City, Liam and Devon. The two are rugby enthusiasts and invite Ross for a game at the park the next day. Even though he's never played rugby before, he's keen to participate in the game, but Joey is highly doubtful that Ross will make any headway in the game. Ross is accompanied at the park by Emily, Joey and Phoebe; Emily asks the guys to take it easy on Ross, who loses no time in displaying his total ignorance of the game. When he finally gets in the game, Ross ends up blocked in the middle of a scrum on his hands. A few minutes later, he is practically reduced to rubble. However, his liking of Emily and the determination he possesses to make a good impression (together with some hints from her with regards to the others' physical weaknesses) help him inflict some of the pain back.

Monica is preoccupied by a switch at her new apartment which has no apparent use. When she asks Joey, he points out that the switch does nothing, but she doesn't take his word for it and investigates further. She obtains electrical plans of the building, but to no avail; then she ends up tearing parts of the wall to try and follow the wire from the switch. Eventually she leaves the switch be, flicking it uselessly - or so it would seem for her, as the switch powers the TV at Joey and Chandler's.