Friends - [4x16] - The One with the Fake Party

"The One With The Fake Party" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Friends, which aired on March 19, 1998.

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Rachel is still intent on hinting her attraction to work client Joshua; however, when he lets it slip out that he's not ready to date girls, she is thrown off course. Emily's stay in the United States is about to end, and with two days to go, Ross has a romantic evening planned out with her. But Ross' plans are quickly shattered by Rachel, who throws a "bon-voyage-Emily" party for Emily, who is surprised by the party, but Ross tries to carry out the romantic night, but Emily keeps talking to the guys and no time is left for anything he planned.

Rachel tries different approaches to seduce Joshua, but her attempts are nowhere near successful - she almost chokes on a cherry stem, plays spin-the-bottle to try and kiss him (Phoebe interrupts when she senses the baby kicking), changes from a sexy dress to her old cheerleader outfit and carries a cheer-leading number, at the end of which she trips and bites her lip.

Phoebe, who has been fighting the cravings for meat, tries to eat meat substitutes to try and satisfy the baby, but ends up nauseous when she eats soy burgers. She finally snaps at the party and devours Chandler's sandwich. Joey, who is in disbelief at first, introduces her to the more tasteful aspects of meat when he cooks steaks for him and Phoebe. When Phoebe feels bad about at what cost she ate the meat, Joey offers to stop eating meat until the baby is born, which turns out to be a big problem for him.

When Joshua is about to leave, she tries to take her bra out of her sleeve, but ends up with the stuck bra in her sleeve. She finally ends up confessing everything about her feelings to Joshua, who explains how despite not wearing suits to work, he has bought six of them from her, and that he kept coming to the store to see her. Still, he sticks with his decision not to date for a while since he just got out of a marriage, and Rachel has to make her peace with it. As Joshua leaves, she bumps into Ross, who is distraught about the badly-spent last night with Emily. Rachel talks Ross into realizing that he truly likes Emily, and their romance could last more than two weeks, as a girl like Emily wouldn't look through photo albums or ask to hear stories about him if her relationship was just for the two weeks. Just as Rachel starts to contemplate how it feels to be a loser (alongside expert Chandler), Joshua makes his way back to tell her that he might make an exception to the no-date decision. Rachel invites him over for coffee, also so that Chandler is not audience to them.