Friends - [4x22] - The One with the Worst Best Man Ever

"The One With The Worst Best Man Ever" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Friends, which aired on April 30, 1998.

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Phoebe starts to get tired of being pregnant. Her pregnancy also becomes a problem for the gang because of her mood swings, which she denies, and when she starts to act bitchy. Monica and Rachel throw her a very depressing baby shower because Phoebe won't have the babies. Instead, they give her presents she can use after her pregnancy, but this only makes Phoebe angry. She makes up with the girls, but they cool down again after Phoebe keeps tricking them that she goes into labor.

Ross comes over to give the ring to Chandler, which causes problems with Joey, as he expected to be the best man at Ross' wedding. When Chandler tries to solve it by offering Joey to be the best man on his wedding, he comes in problems with Ross, who also wants that position. Ross decides that Joey will be his best man, leading to problems with Chandler, him even asking Gunther to be his best man. Joey organizes a bachelor party for Ross, but of course he has to sleep with the stripper after the party. Worse is that the ring is gone when he wakes up. The guys immediately suspect the stripper, but when they invite her to Chandler's office under a false name, it turns out that she wasn't the one who stole the ring. The only other person that has been in Joey's room was the duck, so they take him to the vet and it turns out that he actually swallowed it. Joey wants to step back as the best man because he screwed it, but Ross wants them both to be his best men, telling them that he's lucky to have both of them, which cause all three of them to get emotional.