Friends - [4x23-24] - The One with Ross's Wedding 

"The One with Ross's Wedding" is the fourth season finale of Friends, which aired on NBC on May 7, 1998. The plot revolves around Ross and the rest of the group flying to London for his wedding to Emily.

The episode was directed by Kevin S. Bright, with the first part being written by Michael Borkow and the second part by Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri (from a story by Jill Condon and Amy Toomin). Scenes for the episode were shot on location in London and in front of a British studio audience. For many broadcasts (and the DVD release) it is presented as a double-length episode, though sometimes it is aired as two separate parts.

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Joey drives Chandler crazy during their voyage to "London, baby!", and even whilst they're there- photographing absolutely everything all the time, as if 6 hours on an airplane with Monica weren't bad enough. Emily was already a nervous wreck, but when she and Ross show Monica her dream site for the wedding that hall is already torn down, ahead of schedule! Ross hears Monica made her consider postponing and freaks out about their parents and transatlantic guests; she answers then they better call it off altogether. Back home, Phoebe makes Rachel realize how much she still loves Ross, so she helps her make up her mind, but warns her it's too late to get Ross back- yet Rachel rushes to London. When Joey insists to buy and wear an ostentatious Union Jack souvenir hat, Chandler refuses to spend the rest of the day thus; instead of being lost and miserable, Joey has a great afternoon, even photographed with Fergie, but back in the hotel room gets really homesick after phoning Phoebe and watching Cheers on TV. After explaining to Ross the obsessive focus of girls on their wedding, Monica comes with a solution: a romantic make-over of the hall's ruin...

Ross' and Emily's parents meet and prove quite antagonistic; Stephen and Andrea Waltham are quite happy that the Gellers have agreed to pay for half the wedding, against tradition, but Jack feels the list of expenses at their house is highway robbery, so Ross tries to mediate. Joey is terribly homesick, despite playing best man jointly with Chandler, but gets over it when Emily's bride's maid starts hitting on him. Rachel misses her flight having forgotten her passport, and on the next annoys the gentleman sitting besides her to death who is quite happy to disagree with her all the way.

At the rehearsal dinner, Monica tries to be happy for her brother, but her mother is driving her crazy and, even worse, a drunk man mistakes her for Ross's mother. When she gets depressed thinking her mother is right and she'll never get married, Chandler tries to comfort her by telling her "Who wouldn't want you?" The next we see of Chandler and Monica, they are waking up in bed together the next morning.

Phoebe phones Joey he must warn Ross that Rachel is coming, but she gets straight to him in Montgomery Hall, and at the last moment just congratulates him, so the wedding goes on, with Joey reporting over the phone to Phoebe. As Chandler escorts Monica down the aisle, they agree that what they'd done the previous night had been stupid, but also agree that he's coming back to her room later that night. Emily says her wedding vows to Ross, but when it's Ross's turn to say his, he inadvertently says 'Rachel' instead of Emily...