Friends - [5x02] - The One with All the Kissing

"The One With All The Kissing" is the second episode of the fifth season of Friends, which aired on October 1, 1998.

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Chandler and Monica are taking a romantic, candlelight bubble bath together, when Joey knocks on the door and says he's coming in. Monica ducks down under the bubbles so Joey won't know she's there. Later, when they're in Monica's apartment and Chandler has to leave for work, they both forget that they'd decided not to tell the rest of the gang about their relationship yet and kiss good-bye. Chandler then decides to cover it up by kissing Rachel and Phoebe, too. Later, when he and Monica try to steal a little time alone together, and Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel walk in on them kissing, he again kisses Rachel and Phoebe to keep them from finding out about his relationship with Monica. Monica suggests it's some kind of European good-bye thing that Chandler picked up in London. The other girls don't like it and ask him to stop it immediately.

Ross, still distraught from losing Emily, keeps confusingEmily's and Rachel's names and becomes angry and irritable. Rachel pretends that she isn't mad at Ross for abandoning her on the plane, however, when he leaves the apartment, she reveals that she is furious as she had an awful time in Greece. Believing she makes terrible life choices, Rachel puts Monica in charge of her love life and decisions. Monica sets Rachel up on a date withDave. However, when she comes back from her date, she finds Ross in her apartment, mourning about the 72 red roses he sent to Emily and got back, cut up into mulch. She decides to blow off the date with Dave and instead be with Ross and ultimately tell him that she loves him, but Monica ruins her plans.

Phoebe is irritated because everyone keeps talking about London, which she all missed, and now she feels left out. They decide to take a picnic in Central Park with all of them to make Phoebe feel better, but Phoebe just came from Central Park and hates the idea, so they blow it off. They come up with a better idea: a trip to Atlantic City. Everyone leaves to start packing, leaving Ross and Rachel alone. Rachel finally tells Ross that she loves him, even though everyone told her not to. However, Rachel and Ross crack up laughing at their situation: Rachel is in love with a married guy whose wife doesn't return his calls. When they all are ready to leave, Phoebe's water breaks, blowing off the trip to Atlantic City.

Rachel licks London pictures! *WATCH*