Friends - [5x09] - The One with Ross's Sandwich

"The One With Ross' Sandwich" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Friends, which aired on December 10, 1998.

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Rachel finds Monica's razor in Chandler's bathroom and Phoebe finds Chandler's underwear on the couch in Monica's apartment, and as Chandler and Monica still want to keep their relationship a secret, Joey is forced to take the blame for both incidents, leading to the other friends thinking he is a pervert. Later that night, Chandler and Monica are about to have sex and record it on a video camera in Chandler's apartment. However, Joey returns home with a date, who misunderstands and thinks Joey was going to filmthem having sex, and storms out in disgust. All of which was seen by Rachel. Joey is again forced to take the blame. The next day, Joey finds a naked picture of Monica which Chandler left in the apartment, and the others think that Joey took it. He decides that enough is enough and wants to tell everyone about Monica and Chandler. However, he cannot go through with it and instead gets his revenge by making up a story about him sleeping with Monica in London, and that Monica set up the camera and left the photo for him as she has been stalking him ever since, trying to get him back into bed. 

Phoebe is taking a literature class and Rachel agrees to come, but instead of reading the books, she asks Phoebe what they are about right before the class begins. The second time, Phoebe decides to make up a story to tell Rachel, which she repeats in front of the entire class. When Rachel finds out that Phoebe never went to high school and actually wants to learn something instead of just having fun, they agree that Phoebe should take Monica, which turns out to be not such a good idea as she is way too fanatic and everybody hates her as she persuades the teacher to give them a test with essay questions. 

Ross is starting to unravel in light of his impending divorce and recent eviction, and the straw that breaks the camel's back is when he takes his leftover Thanksgiving sandwich to work and someone eats it. As this was "the only good thing going on in my life", he gets really mad about it. Phoebe writes a threatening note for him that will people scare off. His coworkers start calling him 'mental' and Ross thinks that getting tough with people is a way to get what you want out of them. This however does not work with Joey, who just pushes him off the couch in Central Perk when he orders him to give him his coffee. This causes problems with his boss, who wants him to see a psychiatrist, but when he reveals that he was the one that ate his sandwich, Ross screams in his face and is put on indefinite leave.