Friends - [5x11] - The One with All the Resolutions

"The One With All The Resolutions" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Friends, which aired on January 7, 1999. As the new year approaches, everyone makes resolutions, some more realistic than others. Ross's resolution causes him to wear hot leather pants on a date... perhaps too hot.

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It's New Year's Eve and the friends discuss their resolutions. Ross' resolution is to be happy in 1999 and to do something he hasn't done before every single day. Joey wants to learn how to play guitar to actually have one special skill he lists on his resume be true andPhoebe offers to teach him. Rachel's resolution is to stop gossiping. Chandler won't make fun of his friends for a whole week and Ross will give him fifty dollars.Monica wants to take more pictures of the group.

Phoebe's method to teach how to play the guitar is un-orthodox as she won't even allow Joey to hold a guitar, so Joey finds a qualified teacher without Phoebe knowing. Phoebe finds out and the two fight, but she apologizes and lets him hold it, resulting in him dropping it on the floor.

Ross buys a pair of leather pants which Chandler finds ridiculous but he cannot tease him. When Ross has a date, he finds the pants highly uncomfortable, retreating to the bathroom to cool them off. However, he cannot pull them back up and with some of Joey's unhelpful suggestions over a cellphone he turns into a mess with cosmetic products all over his legs. The date ends.

Rachel finds out that Monica is secretly seeing Chandler from a phone message which is a sexual conversation between the two. Joey and Rachel learn they both know about Monica and Chandler, much to Joey's relief.