Friends - [6x01] - The One After Vegas

"The One After Vegas" is the sixth season premiere of Friends, which aired on NBC on September 23, 1999. The plot continues from the previous episode; after Ross and Rachel's drunken wedding in Las Vegas, Monica and Chandler discuss moving in together. A subplot has Joey and Phoebe driving back to New York from Vegas, picking up a hitchhiker on the way while Ross and Rachel are adjusting to the fact that they are married.

The episode was directed by Kevin S. Bright and written by Adam Chase. Its production was documented for a Discovery Channel program.

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6x01 Just Married
Ross and Rachel wake up having no recollection of getting married the night before.
The episode begins with Monica and Chandler waiting in the chapel preparing to get married. Joey and Phoebe suddenly burst through the doors, and the audience is led to believe that they too are getting married. However, they see Monica and Chandler and reveal that Ross and Rachel had left them a message telling them that they are getting married. Ross and Rachel then drunkenly stumble from their ceremony and the opening credits are played.
Ross and Rachel wake up in bed, unaware that they got married the night before. Joey joins Phoebe for breakfast, telling her that his movie has been cancelled. Monica and Chandler arrive and, at the buffet, Chandler tells Joey that he and Monica were also planning to wed and expresses worry that the relationship is moving too fast. Monica shares the same concern with Phoebe but they are interrupted when Ross and Rachel arrive. When the others tell them they are married, they decide to get an annulment.
Joey encourages Phoebe to go with him on the long drive back to New York, to stop him from being lonely. She agrees but she is annoyed when Joey spends the whole first day asleep while she drives, and they switch over. As Phoebe sleeps, Joey picks up a hitchhiker. Initially outraged, Phoebe soon strikes up a friendship with the man, and gives him her number when he leaves. Joey asks for her forgiveness and they play car games.
6x01 Clear Cut Sign
Chandler and Monica are bombarded with unwanted signs to wed.
Monica and Chandler are still shaken by Ross and Rachel's drunken marriage and are unsure about whether they should get married so quickly. They grow increasingly alarmed over all the signs they see telling them to get married. They decide to leave it up to fate again, as they had the previous night, and go back to the dice table, agreeing that if Monica rolls another eight, then they'll marry. They are both visibly upset when she does roll an eight, but quickly agree that it was not a "hard" eight (two fours), so that means they should not get married. Even after that, they keep seeing signs telling them to get married, but they finally agree that it is just too soon and they are happy with things the way they are. Later, Chandler suggests that they should live together. Monica is momentarily uncertain, saying that there have not been any signs telling them to live together, but when Chandler suggests that him asking her is a sign, Monica enthusiastically agrees.
Ross tells Rachel that he does not want three failed marriages and begs her not to annul the marriage. She refuses, so Ross tells her that he will take care of it. After leading her to believe that they are no longer married, he reveals to Phoebe that he did not get the annulment. Phoebe soon comes to the conclusion that this is because he still loves Rachel.