Friends - [6x04] - The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

"The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on October 14, 1999.

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6x04 NOOO
Ross gets a part-time job as guest lecturer at the university. Joey's health insurance expires because he wasn't working enough, so he asks his agent to find him work. Phoebe's psychic says Phoebe will die within a week but she doesn't know how she will be killed. Rachel and Monicasneak into Ross' lecture and find that he is speaking with a fake British accent. He says he couldn't help it - he was nervous when having his first lecture and the British accent just came out of his mouth.
While weight lifting, Joey gets a hernia which causes him crippling pain, but refuses to go to the hospital because he isn't covered by insurance anymore. He eventually is cast in the part of "dying man," a role he plays very convincingly, given his injured state. However, the boy in the scene will not cry as he is meant to, even after many takes. Joey shows him his hernia, and the boy begins bawling.
6x04 Insurance back
Joey gets his insurance back.
Monica and Rachel fight about some candle holders because both claim they bought them. Phoebe's reading ends up being wrong because her psychic is the one who dies instead. Ross tries to phase out the accent but everyone notices. Rachel finds out that they are still married and is furious. Joey gets his health insurance back.