Friends - [6x11] - The One With The Apothecary Table

"The One with the Apothecary Table" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on January 6, 2000. The plot concerns Rachel buying an apothecary table from Pottery Barn and trying to keep Phoebe from finding out that she bought it from a chain store.

The episode was directed by Kevin S. Bright, written by Brian Boyle (from a story by Zachary Rosenblatt) and guest-stars Elle Macpherson in her final appearance as recurring character Janine Lecroix. The episode and producers attracted criticism for the blatant product placement present in the story.

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Rachel buys an apothecary table from Pottery Barn for the apartment she shares with Phoebe. Monica warns her that Phoebe hates mass-produced products and anything that does not have a history. In order to keep the table Rachel pretends to have bought it at a flea market, so Phoebe will think it is an antique. Rachel goes to Ross' place and she realizes that Ross had bought exactly the same apothecary table at Pottery Barn. Ross disguises the table with some sheets but after spilling wine over it, Phoebe discovers the apothecary table. Rachel gives the excuse that Pottery Barn copied their "original" apothecary table. Eventually, Rachel ends up buying a lot of home decor from Pottery Barn, still lying about where they were all purchased, saying it was all bought at the flea market. Ross later gives the idea of taking Phoebe to the flea market to buy something of her own. When coming back from the market, Phoebe and Rachel pass by Pottery Barn. Phoebe realizes that the window has exactly the same copy of their living room and finds out Rachel has been lying. Rachel admits she likes the Pottery Barn furniture and does not want to part with it. Phoebe notices a lamp at Pottery Barn, which is the one thing Rachel hadn't bought, she intentionally coerces Rachel to threaten to move out if she does not buy that lamp.
Meanwhile, Joey and Janine go on a double date with Chandler and Monica. When they get home, Janine tells Joey that she cannot stand his friends for two days in a row (Janine thinks Chandler is "blah" and that "Monica talks very loud for a small person") and asks Joey not to go out with them the next day. However Joey and Janine give different excuses leading to Joey confessing the truth to Monica and Chandler. After a second double date, Janine again states that Monica and Chandler are very dull. Chandler and Monica hear her remarks and protest. Joey talks to Janine and says that their relationship will never work if she and his friends don't bond. Janine leaves and apologizes to Monica, which she reluctantly accepts. However, a fight ends up between Monica and Janine and they go down stairs to solve it. After realizing what happened between the girls, Chandler and Joey go watch the fight. Torn because of his feelings for Janine but knowing he did the right thing, Joey breaks up with her and Janine moves out.