Friends - [6x13] - The One With Rachel's Sister

"The One With Rachel's Sister" is the 13th episode of the sixth season of Friends which aired on February 3, 2000.

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Joey gives all the pretty female customers free stuff at the coffee house, but is told by Gunther that he will be fired unless he starts charging people. Joey attempts to get around this by handing all the attractive female customers 'birthday muffins' which are free. However after handing out 20 birthday muffins in one day, Gunther tells Joey to put an end to it and bans him from handing out birthday muffins. Monica is sick and won't admit it, saying illness is a sign of weakness. After being sent home from work, she tries to entice Chandler into bed with her to prove she's not ill. Chandler realizes the ploy and tells Monica that he finds lots of layers and a hot water bottle sexy. Eventually, Monica asks Chandler to help her rub vapor rub into her chest, which Chandler refuses thinking she is trying to turn him on. She does it herself, and Chandler finally succumbs, and the pair have sex. Before entering the bedroom, Monica holds up the bottle of vapor rub and quips "Worked like a charm." Rachel's sister, Jill, shows up because she's been financially cut off and has to try to make it on her own. However, it soon becomes clear Jill is spoiled and after buying bagfuls of clothes with her father's credit card number, Rachel confiscates all the clothing, (which is ironic given the fact that on her first day looking for work, Rachel did exactly the same thing) even after Ross and Phoebe pretend that they had bought it all. Jill teases Ross after making a fool of himself and Rachel accidentally convinces Jill to ask him out. Ross assumes she did it on purpose and thanks Rachel, who returns to Monica's apartment. Chandler's slip of the tongue ("Ooh, he's getting some!") makes Rachel suspicious after she sees Ross and Jill return to Ross's apartment and Ross closes the drapes.