Friends - [6x19] - The One With Joey's Fridge

"The One With Joey's Fridge" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on March 23, 2000.

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Joey's fridge is broken and he tries to get everyone to pay for his fridge, due to his financial struggles. He decides to eat all the food in it and to get others to pay for it he asks Chandler, who refuses because he lives with Monica now, and even goes as far as shoving Ross into the fridge and accusing him of breaking it.

Rachel is looking for a date for a charity ball and asks for them to find a guy. Phoebe, Chandler and Monica look for one. Phoebe finds a guy and Chandler and Monica find one so they have a big competition to get Rachel pick their guy; Monica and Chandler say theirs is funny, smart and has great hair, but that Phoebe's does volunteer work and is good-looking.

Ross mistakenly believes that Elizabeth wants to go to Spring Vacation with him. When Chandler tells him the difference between Spring Vacation and Spring Break, Ross panics and thinks that maybe Elizabeth will get carried away with guys; he discovers a very revealing bathing suit, too. However, Elizabeth assures him that, much to his relief, she's just going on vacation with her friends.

Rachel introduces a guy she decides to take to the ball to Monica, Chandler and Phoebe. However, the three of them drive him away by comparing him to the guys they've chosen, and Rachel gets upset. Another day, when Rachel is at Central Perk, they arrive with their two guys and urge Rachel to take one, arguing at the same time. Rachel gets angry and tells them that she'd rather go alone than have them be like this.

At the end of the episode, it is shown that Elizabeth's friends consist of frat boys, so Ross decides to go too to prevent her from seeing other guys.