Friends - [6x21] - The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad

"The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad" is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on April 27, 2000.

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Elizabeth's father, Paul, comes to Central Perk to see Ross, and he immediately voices his disapproval of the two dating. Ross attempts to change his mind, but fails to do so. Eventually, the rest of the Friends come to the coffee house to talk Ross up, including Rachel, who comes in last. Paul comes back for his keys when Rachel is the only one in the coffeehouse, and they both hit it off to the point where they return to Joey's apartment and make out. Ross walks in on the two but Rachel convinces him that they should all go to dinner together since she can tell Paul good things about Ross so he can be in Paul's good graces.

Joey starts his filming on Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E but immediately voices his discontent on the robot figure after looking at it. Claiming he's the star, he attempts to have Wayne, the creator and operator of the robot, fired. However, seeing as Wayne is the only one who knows how to operate C.H.E.E.S.E (also being the creator) they find it easier to simply replace the lead of Mac. Joey goes there to apologize to Wayne but ends up ripping out the robot's arm. Believing he will now be fired, Joey goes to the dressing room to pack some stuff, but not before seeing an attractive woman on set and hitting on her. Wayne sees this and proposes a deal to Joey - he will make sure Joey retains his job so long as Joey teaches him how to attract women. At the end, Wayne successfully starts to make out with the attractive woman during filming, causing the robot to slightly go out of control.

Meanwhile at dinner, Paul tells Ross that even though Rachel said a lot of good things about him, the main reason he still gives him a hard time is because he still sees Elizabeth as a 12-year old girl. Ross tells him that he does too, but quickly corrects his mistake, telling Paul that he sort of understands because he too has a son, which is surprising to Paul, as he didn't know. Ross goes on to tell Paul that he was married before he became a father, adding that he's still on lovely terms with his ex-wife (Carol) but Rachel, who returns from the bathroom, hears the topic of Ross' marriage and believes Ross told Paul about how she and Ross were married. Rachel goes on to say it was a drunken mistake, again a surprise for Paul, which causes Rachel to apologize as she now thinks he was talking about Emily (his second ex-wife), with Paul now knowing that his daughter's older boyfriend had 3 failed marriages.