Friends - [6x22] - The One Where Paul's The Man

The One Where Paul's The Man" is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on May 4, 2000.

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Elizabeth's dad Paul tells Ross not to see Elizabeth anymore or he will call the university and have him fired. Monica, Phoebe and Rachel go to a museum and learn that the beautiful museum can be hired for weddings. There is a 2-year waiting list and they all make a reservation - if they don't have a guy by then they can always cancel it. Elizabeth and Ross don't stop seeing each other and agree to hide their relationship from Paul. They go to Elizabeth's grandma's cottage for the weekend but Rachel and Paul turn up as well. Ross catches Paul doing an embarrassing little dance calling himself "the man" and "the love machine" so Ross won't tell Rachel if Paul won't get him fired. Joey tries to get his picture up on a wall in a shop, buts end up getting into trouble. Chandler finds out that Monica hired the museum for the wedding in his and her name. Chandler freaks out and tells Monica he isn't ready. She promises that it didn't mean anything and that she didn't mean to pressure him. Phoebe asks Chandler if Monica bought it, and reveals that Chandler is planning to propose to Monica.