Friends - [6x23] - The One With The Ring

"The One With The Ring" is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on May 11, 2000.

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Only Phoebe is allowed to know about Chandler's plan to propose to Monica and they look for an engagement ring together. To cover for their secrecy Phoebe tellsRoss that Chandler is avoiding him because he is angry with him. Things are going well between Rachel andPaul except Rachel wishes he would open up a little and talk more about himself. When Paul finally does share some stories he gets very emotional and can't stop crying.

Chandler and Phoebe find the perfect ring but Chandler remembers that he'd loaned his credit card to Joey. He leaves Phoebe in charge of making sure nobody else buys the ring while he goes to get his card back, but she fails at her job when she gets distracted trying on half the jewelry in the store. Chandler ends up buying a different ring, one that is more expensive, but in his opinion also ugly. Phoebe remembers overhearing the man who bought the ring Chandler originally wanted telling the store clerk where he was going to propose to his girlfriend, so she and Chandler track the man down at a restaurant and convince him to trade rings.

Eventually pulling himself together, Paul apologizes to Rachel for overwhelming her so much with all his crying, and they make up and have sex. But afterwards he can't keep himself together and starts bawling again, so Rachel dumps him.

Ross and Joey believe that Chandler is angry at them because they didn't get him a ticket to a Knicks game and decide to make up for it by buying him one for tonight's game, but Chandler says he can't go. Ross and Joey decide to simply stop talking to Chandler. Chandler comes to the apartment and tries to talk to the guys, but they watch a game on TV and refuse to acknowledge his presence until Chandler stands in front of the TV and announces that he's going to ask Monica to marry him, after which Joey immediately turns off the TV. Ross is ecstatic that he and Chandler are going to be brothers-in-law. Joey, on the verge of tears and looking for tissues (none left thanks to Paul) announces he's gonna cry, which is when Rachel walks in, unable to tolerate another crybaby, although she immediately becomes happy when Chandler tells her he got a ring and is going to propose to Monica. Ross attempts to tell Phoebe the good news, but she tells them she already knows and that she was with Chandler picking out the ring, upsetting Joey and Ross who go back to giving Chandler the silent treatment.