Friends - [6x24-25] - The One With The Proposal

"The One With The Proposal" is the double-length season finale of the sixth season of Friends. Both parts aired on May 18, 2000.

Player 2 Episode 24

Player 2 episode 25

Ross is being questioned by his friends about his relationship with Elizabeth; mainly asking if the relationship is going anywhere. Ross quickly claims he and Elizabeth are great together, and his friends are all wrong... until he sees her having a water balloon fight with her buddies. He talks about it with Chandler and Monica and deciding she is too young, he breaks off the relationship. Afterward, Ross questions his decision, until Elizabeth confirms her immaturity by dropping water balloons on his head from her upstairs window.

Rachel takes Phoebe and Joey to a charity event helping children, including a silent auction. While Phoebe is obviously over-drinking, Joey has bigger problems; misunderstanding the silent auction process, Joey thought that bidders guessed an item's worth, with the prize going to the person with the closest guess. Joey "guesses" $20,000 and "wins" a yacht. Rachel and Joey try to convince the next highest bidder to buy the boat, but in the process of persuading the man of the boat's virtues, Joey changes his mind and wants it for himself.

Chandler has decided that it is time to propose to Monica. While at a restaurant, the two run into Monica's ex-boyfriend, Richard, who interrupts Chandler's proposal plan. When the others come home from the charity event, they constantly ask to see Monica's hand, thinking Chandler proposed already. Feeling that Monica will figure out that Chandler plans to propose, Phoebe and Joey suggest that Chandler pretend he hates the idea of marriage and never wants to get married. His plan turns for the worst when Richard returns and tells Monica that he made a mistake letting her go and he wants to marry her. Since Monica thinks Chandler will never want to marry, she begins to wonder about rekindling the flame with Richard.