Friends - [7x02] - The One with Rachel's Book

"The One With Rachel's Book" is the second episode of the seventh season of Friends, which aired on NBC on October 12, 2000.

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The wedding planning starts and Monica already has a whole book full of information on everything you need for a wedding. Joey takes a nap in Rachel's bed and finds out that she reads dirty books and doesn't stop teasing Rachel about it. To give Monica and Chandler a little time on their own Phoebe moves in with Ross for a couple of days. Ross freaks out when Phoebe does her massages at Ross' place and asks her to see her clients elsewhere. An attractive woman calls on Phoebe while she isn't there, and Ross tells her that he's the one who performs the massages... only for this to backfire when it turns out the woman is just accompanying her elderly father. Monica's parents spent the money for Monica's wedding on a beach house- having temporarily started the fund again when she dated Richard and never bothering to save money for her current relationship as they never believed that Chandler would actually propose- so there is no money for the wedding. Chandler has saved exactly the amount they need for Monica's dream wedding but Chandler won't spend all of his savings on one day. The old man Ross massaged is not coming back after the bad massage he got. If Monica wants the perfect wedding Chandler will spend all the money they have but Monica decides that she wants a future and not spend their security on the wedding. Rachel scares the jokes out of Joey forever when she tells him she wants rough sex with him.