Friends - [7x16] - The One with the Truth About London

"The One With The Truth About London" is the sixteenth episode of the seventh season of Friends, which aired on February 22, 2001.

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Rachel watches Ben for an hour and is a little scared because she's never been alone with him before. Rachel teaches Ben practical jokes to entertain him but everybody hates the pranks. Chandler and Monica try to choose a minister but can't find one so they promise Joey that he can marry them. Joey gets his minister certificate on the Internet and writes his speech including the story how Chandler and Monica got together. Chandler finds out that Monica actually wanted to sleep with Joey when she knocked on the door but Chandler was the only one there. Chandler is really upset and doesn't want Joey to do the wedding anymore. Joey talks to him about how Chandler and Monica are meant for each other and nothing could take that away and Chandler is happy to let Joey do the wedding. Phoebe then wonders what would have happened if Monica did sleep with Joey.We then see Monica cooking dinner and shouting to Joey to come over. He is overweight and he tucks into his food. Ross and Ben play a prank on Rachel so she will stop teaching them to Ben.