Friends - [8x01] - The One After I Do

"The One After 'I Do' is the eighth season premiere of Friends, which aired on September 27, 2001.

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Surprised that Chandler thinks they're about to be parents, Monica denies that she's pregnant to him and her friends. When she confronts the girls, Phoebe, realizing that the pregnancy test must have been Rachel's, admits she's the one bearing the child. Rachel thanks Phoebe for covering for her, revealing that she is not prepared to face the reality of her situation. At the reception, Monica discusses with an increasingly nervous Rachel the difficulties Phoebe will face as a single parent, but deduces the truth when she sees Rachel take a sip of champagne and then spit it out. Monica insists that Rachel take a second pregnancy test to be sure. Too nervous to look at the results herself, Phoebe reports that is negative. Surprised, Rachel at first expresses relief, but quickly realizes she is actually disappointed and begins to cry. Phoebe then reveals that she lied in order to force Rachel to confront her true feelings, and that Rachel is indeed pregnant. Rachel is now excited at the prospect of becoming a mother, though still unwilling to reveal the identity of the father.

Ordered by Monica to change from his World War I uniform costume, Joey buys a white tennis kit from the hotel gift shop. This does not stop him from flirting with girls and meeting Dennis, Chandler's mom's date, who Joey learns is directing a new Broadway show. Determined to obtain a part in his show, Joey gives an inappropriate toast to the happy couple for Dennis' benefit, showing off his range as an actor, but Dennis shuts Joey down when he reveals that the cast for his show must be all Chinese.

Chandler's new shoes make him slip around on the dance floor. He asks to borrow Joey's shoes, but Joey is forced to admit that his feet are too tiny, a fact that causes him some embarrassment. Forced to dance in his own shoes, Chandler moves his arms around wildly, just like Monica's dad.

Ross meets Mona, a colleague of Monica's at the restaurant. The two seem to hit it off, but things get in the way continuously: Ross changes his table number to match Mona's, only to find that he has mixed up the numbers and ends up sitting on the kids table; then little girls from the same table keep asking Ross to dance on his feet just as he's about to dance with Mona. After dancing with a heavy set little girl, he barely able to even walk. Mona and Joey escort him out of the dance hall while Joey flirts with Mona and Ross takes notice of Joey's small feet