Friends - [8x05] - The One With Rachel's Date

"The One With Rachel's Date" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Friends, which aired on October 25, 2001.

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Phoebe visits Monica at her kitchen at Allesandro's, where she meets Tim, her sous-chef. They really like each other and Monica sets them up with a date. Monica wants to fire him because he lit her pastry chef on fire and is really slow, but Phoebe convinces her to give him another chance. When after another day Monica still wants to fire him, Phoebe also wants to dump him because he's too affectionate. They agree that you can't dump a guy and fire a guy on the same day, but they argue about who should dump/fire him today. When Phoebe called him to dump him, he gets beeped up by Monica, who wants to fire him. They end up both doing it on the same time at the restaurant. However, when Tim says that Monica is the best chef he knows, she smiles and gives him another chance.
Ross visits Chandler at his office, where he meets Bob: a co-worker of Chandler who always calls him Toby. While putting it into perspective, Chandler accidentally reveals that his middle name is Muriel, for which the guys make fun of him. When Chandler's boss wants Chandler's opinion about adding Bob to his team, Chandler's negative about it. When Bob finds out that it was Chandler who blocked his promotion, he ventilates to Chandler (who he thinks is called Toby) about it. Bob finally finds Chandler's office and starts ruining it. When Bob asks Chandler for help, he happily joins in destroying his own office.
Rachel is visiting Joey on the set of Days of our Lives, where she meets Kash, who likes her and asks Joey to set them up on a date. Joey first brushes him off because he thinks Rachel doesn't date anymore since she's pregnant, but she convinces him to think otherwise. Ross doesn't like that Rachel goes on a date, for apparently no reason, even claiming that the ferry is dangerous. Finally he convinces to Joey that it's weird because whoever takes Rachel out, takes his baby out too. He always pictured that his next child would grow up in a happy family. Luckily for him, the date ends awful when Rachel tells Kash that she's pregnant. When they bump into each other at the street, Ross reassures her it isn't so bad because when she has the baby she will love it more than she will ever love a man. Rachel's touched by this, but when she wants to speak to Ross, he bumps into Mona from the wedding at Central Perk.