Friends - [8x12] - The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

"The One Where Joey Dates Rachel" is the twelfth episode of the eighth season of Friends, which aired on January 10, 2002.

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Phoebe gives Chandler and Monica a late wedding present: the game Ms Pac-Man. Phoebe ends up hogging the game and Monica gets frustrated. She asks Chandler for help to get Phoebe away from the game, but he won't because he's mad that he sucks at the game. Chandler plays it all day long to be better than Monica and Phoebe. He plays it so much that his hand freezes in a claw shape. When Monica gets home she sees that all the initials Chandler has entered in the high scores are dirty words. Ben is coming over soon to play the game, so Monica and Phoebe have to play and beat all of the high scores to erase the inappropriate initials. Phoebe ends up losing right as Ben walks through the door, yelling and swearing as Ross covers Ben's ears.
Rachel misses dressing up for romantic dates so Joey promises to take her out. He picks her up and brings her flowers, says no roommate talk, and they share what their secret moves are when they go on dates. They end up having a great time together and Joey starts to feel like he is developing a crush on her, which freaks him out. Rachel seems to have no clue,as she absolutely does not feel the same at all. But Joey is visibly disturbed by these new feelings.
Ross is teaching some new classes, but the two classes are after the other at he other side of town. On roller blades he eventually gets there on time for his class.