Friends - [8x16] - The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

"The One Where Joey Tells Rachel" is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season of Friends, which aired on February 28, 2002.

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Ross freaks out when Joey tells him that he is in love with Rachel. He, and Gunther too, wonders why Joey has to fall in love with Rachel and not one of the other million girls out there. He's afraid that they will get married and raise his kid together, while on some level he stills thinks that he'll end up with Rachel. Joey feels really bad about Ross, so he wants to leave the country and go to Vermont (some Joey logic here). Monica tells Ross how bad Joey feels about it and makes him realize that it's for the best if he talks to him. Ross goes to tell Joey that he doesn't hate him and Joey promises to never act on his feelings for Rachel because he won't jeopardize his friendship to Ross. But when Ross realizes that Joey really is in love for the first time he tells Joey to tell Rachel. Joey then goes on dinner with Rachel and, after much delay, finally tells her how he feels. However, Rachel doesn't feel the same way and they both start crying.
Phoebe dates a guy called Don, who she thinks is Monica's soul-mate. Much to Chandler's protest, she introduces him to Monica, who turns out to get along perfectly. It turns out that Allesandro's is one of Don's favorite restaurants and that they both want to live in a house made of cheese. When Chandler keeps acting all weird about it, Monica convinces him that she wants to live with him and not with Don.