Friends - [9x02] - The One Where Emma Cries

"The One Where Emma Cries" is the second episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on NBC on October 3, 2002. Joey's attempts to gain Ross's forgiveness for mistakenly asking Rachel to marry him only result in emergency hospitalization. A weary Rachel seeks any remedy to quell baby Emma's nonstop crying.

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Rachel adores a sleeping Emma so much that she, much to Phoebe's protest, wakes her up, which indeed turns out to be a very bad decision: Emma doesn't stop crying. When Emma keeps cyring for several hours, it drives not only Rachel, but also Monica and Phoebe crazy. The problem is surprisingly easy solved turns out: when Monica holds her, she stops crying immediately, leading to Monica being hired as the "official baby crier stopper".

Ross finds out that when Rachel thought Joey was proposing to her she said yes. Ross makes a big problem out of it and doesn't say a single word to Joey anymore. When they meet at Central Perk and Joey persuades Ross that they have to talk about it, Ross freaks out and starts yelling. Joey's way to solve the conflict, Ross hitting him, makes things only worse: Joey ducks away and Ross breaks his thumb on lamppost that stands behind Joey. Joey tries to show Ross that that is a natural instinct, but Ross doesn't duck and gets hit again. Ross and Joey have to go to the hospital, where Joey fills in Ross' forms. Ross puts Rachel as his emergency contact, which he describes as his "my roommate", but Joey convinces him that he's so much more to Rachel. Ross comes home and wants to start the topic of dating again, but Rachel's too tired of Emma and only wants something else: sleep.

Chandler couldn't sleep all night because he was worried about a very important meeting he has to go to at work. The result is that he's very tired and starts to fall asleep during the meeting, resulting in him accepting to run the office in Tulsa, even having to move there. Monica doesn't want to move to Oklahoma, but Chandler screws his attempt to get out of it: he calls his boss by the wrong name, mistakenly calls her daughter her son and ends up telling a story that he loves to go to Tulsa.