Friends - [9x04] - The One with the Sharks

"The One With The Sharks" is the fourth episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on October 17, 2002.

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Monica goes out to Tulsa to surprise Chandler. Chandler is watching porn in his hotel room and when Monica comes in, he quickly switches the channel to a movie about sharks. When Monica sees this, she thinks he has a shark fetish. When he comes home, she puts a shark movie on to try and arouse him but when Chandler tells her the truth, she is very relieved.

Ahead of a date with Mike, Ross tells Phoebe how he likes her dating attitude of going from person to person and not having anything serious. This upsets Phoebe who begins to cry when Mike walks in to pick her up. Ross goes to her apartment the next day to apologize and Phoebe fears Mike could have actually been the one. Ross goes to Mike's apartment to explain himself and accidentally reveals how she hasn't had a serious relationship, despite Mike already arranging another date with Phoebe. Ross then lies saying Phoebe had a six year relationship with a kite designer named Vikram. Phoebe originally refuses to go along with it but does anyway and explains how Vikram has been calling her because he's lonely but says she left him because he slept with Rachel. Mike says he'd 'beat him up for her, unless he's really big where he'd instead send a rude letter'. Noticing how much Mike will do for her, Phoebe tells him the truth and he accepts it, just as Ross calls pretending to be Vikram. However, judging by the fact that they're still together, Phoebe explains this.

Joey goes on a date with an attractive woman he meets in the coffee house. Upon going back to her apartment, he recognizes it and assumes he must have slept with her before. However, when Joey brings it up and she says she hasn't' slept with him, her roommate walks in...who Joey had slept with.