Friends - [9x06] - The One with the Male Nanny

"The One With The Male Nanny" is the sixth episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on November 7, 2002.


Ross and Rachel are looking for a new nanny and Ross is surprised when a male nanny named Sandy has applied. Rachel loves him and despite Ross being uncomfortable with it, allows her to hire him. Sandy is shown to be overly sensitive, crying after they hire him and crying with Rachel when he explains how he proposed to his fiance. He also plays the flute and holds puppet shows. Joey also takes a liking to him. Ross eventually fires him because he's too sensitive but ends up confiding in him after explaining how his dad was tough on him as a kid for playing with dinosaurs instead of sports.

Monica tells Chandler that a man called Jeffrey from her new job is the funniest guy she has ever met. This causes Chandler to tell consecutive jokes and acts weird to try and prove her wrong. Joey then tells Monica that it's Chandler's thing so they and Ross fake laugh at all of Chandler's jokes but he figures it out and is insulted. As Chandler is leaving to go back to Tulsa, Monica says that Jeffrey told a very sexist joke and isn't funny anymore which pleases Chandler. However, she tells Joey it was a lie and that he still cracks her up.

Phoebe and Mike exchange keys to their apartments. David turns up out of the blue as he is in New York for a couple of days. Phoebe says she isn't seeing anyone and David shows up the next day with a bottle of lemon flavored vodka. Phoebe says she is seeing someone and tells him about Mike. However, they end up kissing as Mike walks in. Phoebe tries to explain that David is an old boyfriend of hers who lives in Minsk and she tells Mike it won't happen again, after David leaves and the two reconcile.