Friends - [9x11] - The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

"The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work" is the eleventh episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on January 9, 2003.

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Monica is desperate for a baby and wants to have sex with Chandler no matter what to make it happen. Chandler is also looking for work and Monica helps him find a job in advertising, however it's unpaid for the first year or so, leading Chandler to doubt he'll be able to have a child while starting this whole new career. Monica is skeptical at first but understands, however she manages to convince him otherwise, while also being worried about the baby messing up the ribbon drawer.

Rachel goes back to work to find out that she's been temporarily replaced by a man called Gavin who is arrogant towards her but is apparently according to Mr. Zelner, very good at the job. Adamant she's going to lose her job to him, she goes back to work the same day, instead of originally going back two weeks later. She even brings Emma into work the following day to do a presentation but learns it is in ten minutes, and Ross won't be there in time to pick up Emma. Gavin however, takes care of Emma and allows Rachel to do the presentation.

Phoebe is short for cash, so Joey gets her on Days of our Lives as an extra. However, in the first take in the hospital, she's so nervous she messes up her very short scene of carrying a tray over to the operating table. In the next scene, she's a waitress and tells Joey she needs an explanation to not disappoint 'her fans'. Joey says she's a single mother doing two jobs and that he slept with her and didn't call her back (answering Phoebe's question to why she wouldn't talk to Dr. Drake Ramoray). She however, takes it too seriously and slaps Joey in the scene. Joey allows his boss to fire her when she is arrogant towards him, saying he's threatened by her acting. She doesn't go out without a fight however, ruining the scene one last time whilst being chased by a security guard. Chandler and Monica have sex and find out that it is impossible for them to have a baby.