Friends - [9x18] - The One with the Lottery

"The One With The Lottery" is the eighteenth episode of season nine of Friends. It aired on April 3, 2003.

Player 2
Joey reveals that the jackpot for the 24 state lottery has been upped to $300 million leading to everyone except Ross to pool in for tickets, with Joey and Monica travelling to Connecticut to get them. Ross continuously plays down their chances until Monica convinces him to join in on it. Meanwhile, Chandler is receiving updates from his work colleague, Charlie, for a promotion to assistant at his advertising job with only one slot left, Charlie having the advantage due to his father as the boss. Also, Emma is set to say her first words and stays at Rachel's mother's for the night, Later, Chandler accidentally reveals that Monica had bought extra tickets leading everyone to fight about who should get extra.. Phoebe takes the bowl with all the tickets in and hangs it over the balcony, threatening to drop it unless they said friends was more important than money (Monica claimed she didn't care if they unfriended her after she would win). Phoebe says she wouldn't have done it anyway but a pigeon swoops down leading her to accidentally drop the bowl, breaking it and forcing the six to run around the street getting the tickets, losing half of them. They don't win the jackpot (though Phoebe wins $3) but over the phone, Emma says her first word as 'Gleeba' leading Ross to believe she's going to be a scientist. Phoebe also fakes a phone message from the pigeon apologizing for scaring her and not to blame her. Chandler finds out although he missed out on assistant he has been promoted to junior copywriter, Joey revealing that when he and Phoebe split a wish bone earlier, he had wished for Chandler to get the job, and not for them to win the lottery. The following day in Central Perk, Joey reveals that nobody won the jackpot. Gunther overhears and tells them that although no one won the jackpot, someone found a ticket in the street outside (presumably their's) and won $10,000. They glare at Phoebe who pretends to be the pigeon again.