Friends - [9x19] - The One with Rachel's Dream

"The One With Rachel's Dream" is the nineteenth episode of season nine of Friends. It aired on April 17, 2003.

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Joey is insecure now his Days of Our Lives character Dr. Drake Ramoray is getting a love story, so he asks Rachel for help because he's afraid he won't be convincing enough. After seeing him reciting romantic lines to his love interest on the show, Rachel has a dream that while helping Joey with his lines, they end up kissing and that makes her a little puzzled. Asking help from Monica made her finally think that she may have a crush on Drake, and thus not on Joey. When she talks to Joey of how he could (in a Method actor's way) think of how he felt in love in real life to feel more convinced in his part, she learns how much Joey loved her when she was pregnant (back in Season 8), him even saying it was the only time he was ever in love. This makes her feel even more confused.

Meanwhile, Monica is so excited about her job at Javu, that she declines joining Chandler on a surprise trip he booked to Vermont. When Phoebe comes to sing her songs outside Javu to cheer up the people who have to wait in line to have a table, Monica tries to tell her nicely it's inappropriate, lacking style, but Phoebe just gets fancier dress. Meanwhile, when the hotel told Chandler couldn't get a refund, he takes Ross along, who gets high on maple candy and shows Chandler how to take revenge when they are told no reservation was booked and must take a $600 suite, technically without stealing, by stocking up an absurdly greedy quantity of everything hotels supply guests, like lamp bulbs, batteries from the remote or bottles of shampoo. But in the end, they are finally caught because their suitcases is so stuffed with the amenities that it brokes in the hotel lobby, leaving all that they had taken on the floor.