Friends - [9x20] - The One with the Soap Opera Party

"The One With The Soap Opera Party" is the twentieth episode of the ninth season of Friends, wich aired on NBC on April 24, 2003.

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Joey gives tickets for the five friends to see a one-woman show, saying he won't be able to go because he has to start working early the next morning. But Rachel finds out that he is planning a big party for all his co-workers from Days of Our Lives up on the roof, and that he had hide that from them because he's afraid they would all (especially Rachel) act too crazy if they are around famous stars. She ends up telling everyone else, except for Chandler, who because he's not here, goes to the one-woman show all alone.
Meanwhile, Ross meets a colleague, professor Charlie Wheeler and invites her to the party, thinking about dating her. At the party, Monica and Rachel act a little crazy with all the actors but Rachel can't hide her feelings for Joey, leading to some embarrassing moments. Ross is getting a little depressed after learning that Charlie only dated geniuses and Nobel Prize winners and feels below average with his PhD. But while Rachel is searching for Joey, having decided that that she would go and kiss him, Ross approaches her asking if she'd seen Charlie (probably to ask her out) and the two see Joey and Charlie kissing.