[Friends Season 1x06]  - The One With the Butt  

"The One With The Butt" was the sixth episode of theSeason 1 of Friends.

Player 2

The friends attend Joey's new musical, Freud! The musical is appalling to say the least. However, Joey and Chandler have better things to look forward to from the events of the night: Joey gets a business card from Estelle Leonard, who would be his new talent agent, who manages to obtain him a role in the new Al Pacino movie, albeit as his butt double. Despite this, Joey manages to ruin it by overacting his role, which gets him fired. Then, Phoebe consoles Joey by saying "you have to wait for a guy which will run to his friends and say 'look! look! I got the part! I am Joey Tribbiani's ass!'".

In the meantime, Chandler gets to meet Aurora at the theater. He goes out on a date with her, during which it comes out that Aurora is not only married, but has a boyfriend. Nonetheless, she still wants to see Chandler for reasons which are "mainly sexual". Chandler thinks it's the perfect way to be with a woman, having all the sex and none of the responsibility, but deep down, he wants to commit, which Aurora clearly does not want. This makes the two break up.

At Rachel's apartment, Monica reveals how obsessive she is with cleanliness and organization when she disapproves of Rachel's subtle changes to the living room after cleaning it. The guys think it's pretty much a flaw of Monica's, but she tries not to make a big deal out of it. However, she can't even bring herself to sleep by thinking of a pair of sneakers she left haphazardly in the living room just to let the guys think that she, like them, is a "kook".