[Friends Season 1x09]  - The One Where Underdog Gets Away 

"The One Where Underdog Gets Away" was the ninth episode of the first season of Friends which aired on NBC on November 17, 1994.

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With their parents away, Monica andRoss decide to have Thanksgiving dinner at Monica's. Rachel is wanting to go to Vail to spend Thanksgiving with her family but can't raise the money for the plane tickets, however her friends all chip in and buy her one. Joey wants to spend Thanksgiving with his family, but a poster featuring him as a man with VD makes everyone think that Joey is actually infected with the sexual disease and they refuse to let him come, forcing him to also stay home. Chandler is boycotting "all the pilgrim holidays" because they remind him of the time his parents got divorced, whilst Phoebe is celebrating two Thanksgivings, one in December with her lunar-calendar grandmother and one with Monica on actual Thanksgiving. Because of this, everyone decides to spend Thanksgiving at Monica's.

Ross decides to spend some "talking time" with his baby but finds it difficult to talk to Carol's uterus. When Carol reminds him not to do this to be in competition with Susan, he gets over it and starts recounting the story of his life to the fetus. Meanwhile, dinner preparations are going great, with Monica preparing everyone personalized versions of their favorite dishes. Chandler interrupts with news that Underdog has escaped the parade. This puts on hold the preparations, and everyone rushes to the roof to watch. As they leave Monica shouts to Rachel "Got the keys?" however while Monica meant it as a question, Rachel thought it was a statement and, assuming Monica has the keys herself, leaves them behind.

After the excitement on the roof, the girls return to their apartment and find that they're locked out of the apartment which has Monica's Thanksgiving dinner and Rachel's plane tickets inside. Monica and Rachel fight on who should have had the keys. Chandler and Joey happen to have a drawer full of extra keys, one of which works. By the time they get in, however, everything's burned and Rachel has missed her flight. Ross comes in to smell the burning ruins, just in time to set off a fight between the whole group, enough for some typical Thanksgiving emotional scarring.

By now, Thanksgiving is pretty much ruined for everyone, but Phoebe spots Ugly Naked Guy with his Thanksgiving turkey, and a surprise - Ugly Naked Gal. Seeing the ugly naked couple makes everyone realize how their friendship is more important that missed flights, STDs, and ruined dinners. Chandler notes that through everyone else's misfortune, he actually had a great time as he got to spend it with all his friends, and everyone ends up making a toast - literally - to a "sucky", but nonetheless nice, Thanksgiving.