[Friends Season 1x16-17]  - The One with Two Parts

"The One With Two Parts" is (like the title says) a two-part episode of Friends; the first of the series. Both parts aired on February 23, 1995.

Player 2 Episode 16
At work, Chandler has to fire an employee for the first time ever. However, the worker he has to fire is Nina, a very attractive woman whom he asks out on a date. When he discusses with his friends what he should do, they tell him not to get involved in any way with her, but this advice falls on deaf ears and he goes out with her anyway. During this discussion, Marcel grabs the TV remote and switches the audio mode to SAP, changing the audio on all the channels to Spanish. No one can switch the TV back to normal mode.
Chandler keeps going out with Nina, but when his boss sees her still at work, he asks Chandler why she's not fired yet. Chandler makes up a lie about her being mentally unstable, which keeps her at the job. When strange things start happening around Nina (such as colleagues taking her scissors away from her), she works out her suspicions about this to Chandler, who tries to cover everything to her that she's getting a pay rise. When he asks his colleague to get Nina's papers to human resources, she mentions Nina's psychological profile, confirming Nina's suspicions. Chandler ends up confessing everything to her. In her indignity, she staples his hand on the desk.
Ross attends Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan. Several lessons along, Carol experiences false labor and Susan consoles her by reminding her how giving birth will make them parents for the rest of their lives, which makes Ross doubt his parental skills.
While dining out, Joey and Chandler meet Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula. Joey finds Ursula hot, and goes out with her, making Phoebe feel neglected. When Phoebe talks about this with her friends, they try to comfort her by pointing out that he hasn't even slept with her yet, so she has nothing to worry about. Just as she knocks on Joey's apartment door, Ursula answers at the door half-naked, proving her fears right and her friends wrong.
Monica and Rachel argue on who should have taken down the Christmas light. Rachel decides to take them down, but slips and falls off the balcony. Fortunately, her ankle gets caught in the wire which stops her from falling. In the meantime, she sprains her ankle.
At the hospital, Rachel asks Monica to swap names with her so that she can use Monica's health insurance. Monica feels bad about this, and even worse when Rachel asks the cute doctors who see her ankle Dr. Michael Mitchell and Dr. Jeffrey Rosen, guest starring George Clooney and Noah Wyle respectively) on a double-date. The date goes horribly wrong, as Monica pushes Rachel over the edge with her bickering about the insurance fraud committed, which makes Rachel talk about Monica's flaws with unembarrassed ease. Monica answers a call by Rachel's father on Rachel's behalf, and tells him that she had sex with Billy Dreskin on her father's bed. When Rachel gets a call from the hospital about forgetting to sign one of the admissions forms, they go to the hospital and she pays for the X-rays with a check.
Joey keeps going out with Ursula, and starts to give her more attention, neglecting Phoebe more and more to the point where he doesn't even show up at her birthday party. Phoebe feels terrible about this. However, some time later, Ursula starts to distance herself away from Joey, Although she tries not to care at first, Phoebe cares too much about Joey to let him suffer, and talks to Ursula about him. Ursula, however, points out that it's over between her and Joey, and gives her the dress which Joey gave her as a birthday present. Phoebe wears the dress and meets Joey at the coffee house, who mistakes her for Ursula. Phoebe impersonates Ursula and "breaks up" with Joey, who gives her one last kiss. The kiss reveals Phoebe to Joey, who appreciates the extent to which Phoebe went through to keep him as a friend.
Ross keeps discussing his fears of being a terrible father with Joey and Chandler, including a dream he had where he used his son as a football. He talks with his father over lunch about his fears, which Jack talks him out of by recounting the first moment he had with him as a baby after birth, when he grabbed his finger with his tiny hand. Ross and Chandler are still pursuing the subject during a game of scrabble, but are interrupted by a gagging Marcel, who has been swallowing scrabble tiles. Ross escorts his monkey to the hospital, where Rachel's and Monica's date doctors take a look at him and extract the scrabble tiles out of him. Marcel regains consciousness, and grabs Ross' finger with his whole hand, and Ross comes to appreciate the bond he and his son will come to have.
The episode ends with a Friends scene in SAP mode, in which the friends are over-dubbed in Spanish, just like Monica's TV during this and the previous episodes.